Bluetooth turns on automatically when your driving.

Auto Bluetooth

Block phone call automatically when you are driving with text message response.

Do Not Disturb

Optimized performance, with minimal battery usage.

Low Battery Usage

Customize the features to your liking, and at what speeds it is triggered

Fully Customizable

DashDroid is officially here.  This is the beginning of something special.  What started off as a simple project to make our lives easier by making apps quickly accessible while driving, has turned into a full on cause to make a difference on our roads.  We hope to make our roads safer with the advent of DashDroid – The Safe Driving app.  We all know its dangerous to use our phones while driving, but we all still do it.  Whether it be to check traffic, change the music on Pandora, or even glance at a text message, we all have been known to have done it once in our lives.

We all know the statistics.  Driving while using your phone is similar to how impaired you are while drinking and driving.  It just doesn’t mix, but we can’t help ourselves and still do it repeatedly.  DashDroid is designed to eliminate those few seconds it takes to find your Maps app(Waze, Google Maps, MapQuest, etc), check traffic, change that song on Spotify, Shazam that song on the radio, call your family member, whatever it may be.  Those few precious seconds can make a difference between life and death.  Yes, it sounds dramatic and all, but that is the god damn truth about drivers and their cell phones.

So what does DashDroid v. 1.0 offer?

1. Full automation : DashDroid detects when you are driving, and will come to the forefront with your 4 favorite driving apps that you preset automatically.  No need to fish around for that one app hidden among the 100′s you have installed.

2. Block texts and/or phone calls: When DashDroid detects you are driving, it can block text messages and/or phone calls from notifying you.  This will allow you to stay focused on the road.

3. Auto reply to blocked texts and/or phone calls:  Have DashDroid be your personal assistant and reply to those who are contacting you.  You set the message, and it will inform the contact that you are on the road.  This will make sure they don’t think you are ignoring them, but rather busy driving.

4. Unlock pass code:  When DashDroid knows you are driving, it can disable your pass code for you.  No longer do you have to punch in your pass code to access your phone while driving.  Those few extra key strokes just puts your life in further danger.

5. Auto Bluetooth:  DashDroid can turn on bluetooth for you when it detects you are driving.  Thus, allow it to connect to your car automatically.

6. Auto Turn off Wi-Fi:  DashDroid will turn off your Wi-Fi if it detects that you are driving.  This conserves your battery life of your phone.

7. Auto turn off bluetooth:  DashDroid can detect that you haven’t drive the past 30 minutes and turn off bluetooth automatically for you too.

8. Battery optimization:  We have several different speed check options from High, Medium, to Low.  Depending how much battery usage you would be open to, DashDroid can be fully customized.   Low checks speed less frequently and uses less battery life of your phone.

9. Activate by Bluetooth:  Instead of using GPS to detect if you are driving, we created Activate by Bluetooth.  If your phone connects to you car by bluetooth, it will know you are driving and perform all the tasks as if you were driving.  By using this feature instead of GPS, battery usage is reduced to almost zero with DashDroid.  *We recommend you use this feature if you have bluetooth in your car.

What to expect in the near future of DashDroid?

1. Landscape mode

2. Increased optimization of battery usage for GPS users.  We are refining our detection method of whether you are driving for those using GPS.  We anticipate to cut current battery usage down by 80% with our new detection algorithms.

3. Manual mode widget.  For those who prefer to toggle DashDroid on and off by themselves.

4. Embedding widgets into launcher

5. Setup wizard for easy initial installation and setup

6. Google Now integration

Longer term planned projects:

1. Automatic Traffic updates dependent on your driving trajectory.

2. Location based app launcher.  Here’s an example, imagine walking into Starbucks, and you pull out your phone, and it knows where you are and asks, Would you like to turn on the Starbucks app?  How kick ass would that be.

3. We got a lot more cool stuff planned, but can’t spill all our beans.  Contact us if you would like to discuss or join with our development!

-Hoang Pham, DashDroid Development Manager

What Other People Are Saying About Dash Droid?

Definitely a must have APP!

Simple.  Easy to use.  Highly recommended.